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Welcome to Wild Pleasure Apothecary 

In these pages, you will find highly vibrational, intentionally created manifestation tools that aid in the calling forth of all that you desire. With these, you can invite in the abundance that which you ache for, or cast to the flames all that no longer serves you. Our Witched Candles, Lunar Bath Salt Soaks, and intensely powerful Intention Oils will aid in bringing forth all the magick that is already inside your bones. Wild Pleasure Apothecary wants to see you embody your divine alchemy.


Tell us, what do you crave to create? ​


All concoctions are bathed under specific Lunar and/or Celtic Sabbat cycles which may extend the expected replenishment timeframe.


At Wild Pleasure Apothecary, we try to be as sustainable as possible, all items are packaged in glass, reusable containers. 

Free Shipping On U.S. Orders over $35

Use all items at your own risk.

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