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“Sarah teaches like an old, seasoned witch teaches, with ferocity, inspiration, and cunning. She is a story-weaver and wise creatrix, and her rituals leave participants very changed indeed.”​


~Danielle Dulsky

“Sarah’s teachings are holy fire. Her grounded energy holds space for a feeling of safety and security so that, as her student, you can unleash your inner wild. Your wolf can howl with the moon and run with her wolf pack, while the fires of passion burn bright all around!”

~Christy M. 

“Sarah is a powerful space holder. She leads her students through embodied sexuality, proud ownership, and reverence of the sacred female form. She will make you laugh and cry and maybe even aroused at your own magnificence.”
~Sam S.

“Sarah. Wow! What a powerful, loving, vibrant woman. I cannot recommend her enough. She is smart, thoughtful, creative and kind. Just being in her field is motivating and inspiring. Her work blends the intricacies of structured learning and creative play. Yes, thank you, more please!”
~Lauren Wilde 

“Sarah is an advocate for female divinity, the female body, and Goddess spirituality. Learn from her. You will be embraced and transformed in the most profound and lovely ways!”

"I can't think of enough words to describe the tingles and chills! That weekend changed so many lives!"​

~Heather C.

"Sarah teaches with such huge passion that it ignites the flame in your soul and opens it up! Let all of her goodness and knowledge settle there for you to ponder. She is so alive with passion for life!"


"Thank you for sharing your light and inspiring everyone around you... this world needs it!"


"I can't even put into words how you affected me!"


“Sarah will take you to the wolves, running wild, and bring you back changed and healed in a multitude of ways!”



“Sarah’s teaching is genuine and honest. She will draw you in with her sincerity and hold you with her fire and fierceness while you welcome in life-changing transformations!”

"Gosh, you are such a blessing! Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the class I really enjoyed it and a lot of things you talked about resonated with me!... I hope to be able to join some more of your classes!" 


"Thank you Sarah for the best class I took all weekend... I hope to be able to participate in some of your offerings.   I feel very drawn to do so.  You are a true light in this harsh world! Thank you again!"


"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience birthing my drum. It is one I will not forget."



“Sarah is a magick maker. As the matriarch of  The Rebirth of Your Wild, she invites you to create with your hands, heal deeply hidden wounds, and explore your divine feminine through movement & reflection.​

~Katie Grace

"This retreat was WILD in the very best sense.  Sarah is a talented and gifted teacher. She leads totally from her heart and it shows in every thing she does. Sarah’s unique style will rock your world.  If you are on the fence… GO FOR IT!"

~Tracy Jo

"Sarah's (re)Birth of Your Wild Retreat was truly AMAZING! 
I'm so glad I got to experience it and for the connections I made with the other ladies. I left feeling refreshed and like my cup had been refilled. Thank you so much Sarah and Hope Springs Institute for providing such a loving, nurturing atmosphere. 100% HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

~Sam H.

I have been a student of Sarah's for over 6 months. The things I have learned, healed, and forgiven under her teachings has brought me so much strength and peace. She is a fun, knowledgeable, caring soul full of Magick and love.


"Thank you for providing the fire and passion and gut-wrenching release we all need. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for challenging and encouraging us to all stand in our flames- and adore the heat."


"Your passion, strength, and vulnerability inspire me every single year. Your magic and wisdom are just the medicine for our souls!"


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