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About Us

Sarah Monroe

Our Founder and Creatrix, Sarah Monroe is a Wild Woman, Spoken Word Artist, and Sunshine Spreader. She loves the delicious ways our bodies move and believes that there is a direct correlation between a happy, vibrating vulva, and a deeply satisfied soul.

Sarah's sacred medicine in this lifetime is tending to women at any stage of their (re)birth. She wants to help you become rooted and wild. To love any place your feet are planted, yet be whole-heartedly open to all the pleasures that this cosmic existence has to offer... and to recognize when anything is in need of change. 

​Sarah wants to imbue in her sisters an embodiment of delightful bliss, of foot-stomping elation, and the courage to use our powerful voice to speak our holy truth.   

Sarah is a:

• 500-Hour Certified Yoga Instructor
• Mother Roaster
• Sacred Menarche Leader
• Red Drum Carrier
• Vaginal Steam Facilitator 
• Rebel Goddess Reclamation Co-Founder 


Our Vow

The Art of Wild Pleasure is here to help you harness your right to embody a life of sacred joy.

We are dedicated to fierce self-love, honoring our sensuality on a cosmic level, and manifesting the wild magick that we all are.

We want you to:

• Understand and adore your Divine Vulva
• Celebrate your Holy Menarche
• Deeply love your Sensational Hag 
• Cherish your body through ecstatic movement 
• Discover and revere down-to-the-bone bliss
• Find fulfillment in everyday life

We do this through gatherings, retreats, ceremonies, and an online 7-week series, all designed to help you understand, appreciate, and celebrate the delicious, wonderful things that make you, you.  

​The lens through which we view ourselves, (our bodies, our attitudes, our souls, our minds,) has been skewed by the expectations of society throughout history.  

We're changing that. 

Let's dance. Sing. Laugh. Learn.

Let's embrace our divine and holy bodies by calling in all our juicy vibrations, and shake off the things that just don't feel right.

Let's ignite the stardust that's inside our souls and stand arm in arm with our sisters who are finally embracing their glory too.

Let's call back our Wild Pleasure, and let's have a damn good time doing it!

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