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A Womxn's (re)Wilding Retreat
Embodiment of Pleasure

A Spring Retreat:
May 16, 2024 - May 22, 2024

Let's talk about sex, baby... and pleasure, and wildness and sacredness and surrender.


To surrender is one of the most vulnerable and powerful gifts we can offer ourselves. To lay our hearts and bodies bare, hiding none of our parts is a freedom that is indescribable.

There are no words.

This retreat will be a celebration of holy reconnection with not only our sensual side but our wild side as well. We will create deep magick through profound work which includes body movement, expression of the soul, education, conversation, and learning to truly listen to our wild hearts while in community with other womxn. 


We have been encouraged since childhood to only follow the light, forsaking the deepness of our Shadow. And yet, our Shadow aches for us to fall into Her arms so that She may feel your tears against Her chest, rock you slowly into the depths of your soul so that when you find the softness of your Light, you are truly whole. 

To understand who we are on the most sensual level of our being we must first realize that we were never given the tools to learn. Once we come to that realization, next comes the work. The hard work. The good work.

Tell me Wild Womxn, are you hungry for this? 


Sample Day

What a typical day looks like 

• 7-8 Body Movement


• 8-10 Breakfast


• 10-12 Morning session 


• 12-2 Lunch and break


• 2-5 Afternoon session  


• 5-7 Dinner and break


• 7-9 evening session

There will be dancing (a lot,) there will be crafting (a lot,) there will be tears and laughter (a lot,) and there will be curse words (a lot, a lot.)

Every day has a different theme, but each day has work that builds upon from one to the next.

This work is deep, requiring all that you have to offer.

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Things We Will Do

  • Build your own Sacred Rattle to keep

  • Portrait Session (see below)

  • Body Movement

  • Ceremonial Experiences

  • Sensual Embodiment

  • Sensual Expression & Practices

  • Vulva & Breast Education & Celebration

  • Topless Meditation & Dance

  • Drumming

  • Yoga

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Body Prayer

  • Crafting

  • Pathworking

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Painting

  • So. Much. More.

*A more detailed outline of what we will experience is provided after you are accepted!


Wanna hear more? Listen on Spotify and Instagram

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Your Land of

This Retreat will be held at the Hope Springs Institute located in Peebles, Ohio. This sacred land has been loved and nurtured for over 25 years by the institute, so that we may soak up its healing and wild spirit. 


For 5 days and 6 nights, we will raise the energies of our divine right to experience pleasure while pouring our love and admiration back into Mother Earth. She has been waiting for us. 

Nestled in the birdsong, hoofprints and glorious foliage of the Appalachian foothills, HSI is just a 1-2 hour drive from Cincinnati, Columbus & Dayton. 

All lodging, meals, snacks, and supplies are provided. 

What are you waiting for?

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Portrait Session

Rachel Puckett of HONEY & SMOKE PHOTO CO

This retreat also includes a photo session with one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, who will not only be attending this inaugural retreat but will also be capturing you in your most divine essence. Rachel has an eye that is indescribable. Her soft words will make you feel like the most glorious creature that has ever existed and she will capture you in your truest form. You can be naked, wear clothes that make you feel like a Goddess, or anything in between. This service is included and will provide you with 10 portraits to keep forever.


Your Crone eyes will thank you someday.

See more of Rachel's work here:


How to Apply 


If your bones are begging to be a part of this gathering, if your heartbeat is aching to reconnect with something more magickal than what you have known, and if your soul is dreaming of a life with divine pleasure, please send a message through the contact page explaining what is calling you to do this deep work by clicking the link below:

Apply Here

*This gathering is open to all vulva-owning persons (cis, trans, nonbinary)
**Limited partial scholarship available for those who qualify

***Payment Plans Available 

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Retreat Price

This price reflects a shared room and shared bathroom. All private rooms/private bathrooms are sold out.


This retreat is all-inclusive, however, it does not include the cost of transportation to and from the facility. All food, drinks, and supplies are provided.


Price also includes 10 professional boudoir photos that are yours to keep.


($555 Non-Refundable Deposit)


The deposit is included in the overall cost. Payment Plans are available.

Need a shorter option?

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What The Wild Womxn Are Saying...

"This retreat was WILD in the very best sense.  Sarah is a talented and gifted teacher. She leads totally from her heart and it shows in every thing she does. Sarah’s unique style will rock your world.  If you are on the fence… GO FOR IT!"

~Tracy Jo

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