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Sacred Menarche:
A Rite of Passage

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Sacred Moon Cycle

Our Blood is the Water of Life

For far too long we have been taught to dread our monthly flow and to become irritated and sullen that it has returned.


We have not been shown the glory in our blood's reappearance, or to recognize it’s sacred magick.

We are given this divine power every month throughout our journey as Maiden and Mother, to learn how to harness our abilities, fine-tune our understandings, and gain knowledge along the way about our soul's purpose and medicine in this life. We are then gifted with a full embodiment of our power when we transition into our Crone. 

Why are we warned to fear this?  

We say NO MORE.

We say, let us throw parties and great gatherings to show our young ones that there is nothing to be afraid of.

We say, let us bring back the power in our blood through celebrations of these transitions, and our holy rite of passage. 

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