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Wild Woman, How Lovely You Are...

Canva - Close Up of Red Flowers.jpg

A Love Letter to a Wild Woman

I had been trying to re-record this piece in an attempt to convey how deeply in love I am with this spoken word poem. I wrote it in honor of the 2018 Winter Solstice, and I wanted to share it with you in celebration for the launch of  The Art of Wild Pleasure. I tried recording it as the sun set behind me, I recorded it under a string of soft bulbs that lit up the night sky, and I tried it in the glory of the morning light, but none of it felt genuine. It felt forced and overly rehearsed, and that was not the embodiment of these words as I remembered it. 

Then, I realized, it had been captured in the first moment that anyone other than myself had ever heard it, and you Beautiful Bitches, I realized that THIS was THE moment. The moment I was born.

There had been rumblings of ecstatic bliss under my skin for the year or so leading up to this night. The gentle but mounting tremors before my eruption, if you will. I paced the floor the whole evening before my turn on the stage. I could feel my entire being vibrating with anticipation. I stepped up to the mic, fucked up the word “excited,” and stumbled to the start. When I melted into the words I had written, the words that were for not only all women (wild or not,) but the loving words I had written to myself, I was broken open. This is my Love Letter to a Wild Woman. 

This was the (re)Birth into my Wild. 

I have been chasing this fully embodied pleasure that this joyous, sensual creature is exuding ever since. 


Now I want to help you feel this delicious too. 

Join me to find your Wild Pleasure!

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