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Vaginal Steaming

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What Is Vaginal


Steaming ?

Heal the vulva, help heal the soul.

Vaginal steaming has been practiced and celebrated the world over for centuries! It has been heralded as a healing modality that assists in a number of ailments associated with the female reproductive organs.


(Please note that you do not have to have the female reproductive organs to enjoy many of the benefits this ancient remedy has to offer!)  


The vulva and vaginal tissue are some of the most porous on the body. This allows the gentle steam to pass through the vulva to the vaginal canal, up through the cervix, into the womb, through the fallopian tubes, and finally into the ovaries.   

Before the vaginal steaming session, we will have a detailed conversation about your cycle with questions that include (but are not limited to the following:) Is your cycle 28 days or longer, or 27 days or short? Do you bleed more than once a month? Do you have a cycle at all?

This conversation will allow me to determine the correct mixture of herbs to use to help any internal or external issues you are experiencing (which can include but are not limited to:) fertility, menopause, depression, endometriosis, cramps, dryness, infection, and more!

During the service, you will sit on a specially made seat that allows the gentle steam to envelope your vulva. This steam is created from water that is steeped with the herbs I have determined best for you based on our conversation regarding your needs.    

If you have more questions or want to book a session, please click the link below: 

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