"I want to imbue in my sisters an embodiment of delightful bliss, of foot-stomping elation, and the courage to use our powerful voice to speak our holy truth."   

~Sarah Monroe

The Art of Wild Pleasure Creatrix


We are...

...Dedicated to fierce self-love, honoring our sensuality on a cosmic level, and manifesting the wild magick that we all are. We do this through gatherings, retreats, and ceremonies, all designed to help you understand, appreciate and celebrate the delicious, wonderful things that make you, you.  


What Women Are Sayting

“Sarah teaches like an old, seasoned witch teaches, with ferocity, inspiration, and cunning. She is a story-weaver and wise creatrix, and her rituals leave participants very changed indeed.”​

~Danielle Dulsky, Author of "Seasons of Moon and Flame: The Wild Dreamer’s Epic Journey of Becoming" & "The Holy Wild"

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