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Amethyst 8-Sided Drum Birthing Mini Retreat (15" Elk & Cedar Medicine)
Amethyst 8-Sided Drum Birthing Mini Retreat (15" Elk & Cedar Medicine)

Sun, Jun 05



Amethyst 8-Sided Drum Birthing Mini Retreat (15" Elk & Cedar Medicine)

Join us inside the Temple walls as Sarah & Sam lead you through a day of deep and reverential ceremony in the birth of your own 8-Sided Amethyst Drum.

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Time & Location

Jun 05, 2022, 9:00 AM EDT

Dayton, 400 Linden Ave Suite 245, Dayton, OH 45403, USA

About the Event

Join us inside the Temple walls as Sarah & Sam lead you through a day of deep and reverential ceremony in the birth of your own 8-Sided Amethyst Drum.

*No amethysts will be harmed in the making of these drums. Your drum will be dyed using natural logwood to produce the purple hue.

Why 8 Sides?

-8 is the sacred number of the Moon and Her cycles (New Moon to Full Moon and back)

-8 is the number of sabbats that spiral around the Wheel of the Year (Imbolc to Yule)

-8 for the milestones of the Goddess’ spiral journey of life (Carolyn Hillyer’s 8 Beads

Chant: Girl Seed, Blood Flower, Fruit Mother, Spin Mother, Mid Woman, Earth Crone, Stone Crone, Bone)

-An 8 pivoted on its side is the symbol for the Infinite (Pivot your perspective, remember your eternal self)

Why the color amethyst?

- The crown chakra color in the chakra system

- Purple is a color that recognizes that you ARE. You are a spiritual, celebrated, and protected being

-Being a color of royalty, it is imbued with sovereignty and personal power

Why amethyst and 8 together?

Simply by existing within the phases of nature (the qualities that an 8 holds), you are worthy of all the things your soul aches for, and are perfectly empowered to do so (amethyst purple color).

In this 10-hour mini-retreat, we will make our own 8-sided 15” cedar & elk frame drum and mallet. This event will also include:

The Birth of your frame drum

Honoring the medicine of the Elk & Cedar Tree

Hole Punching the Drum Head

Lacing the Drum Head

Frame Decoration

Circle work - Reclaiming your divinity and power

Ceremony building




Creative expression (opportunity to paint, draw, write)

Drum playing & more!

We will learn, share, and co-create our sacred instruments together.

We will dye the hides with the natural pigment known as logwood. This amethyst-colored pigment is derived from logwood trees (Haematoxylum or Haematoxylon campechianum) often found in Central America. This sacred dye has been revered for centuries, and the beautiful color has been harnessed to echo the amethyst stone’s healing hue.

The creation of the drum is a ceremony in itself, an active prayer of the body and mind. As we birth our own drum, may we remember that the heart drum of our ancestors -- of our global ancestors -- is the same one that is beating inside us today.

$299 for one participant or $499 for partnered pricing

(Partnered Pricing = bring a friend, you both save 33%)

*Please note that Only one discount can be utilized with drum birthing. If you are a Temple Member you will not receive an additional 13% off of the discounted partnered pricing.

**If the financial investment is prohibitive for you to attend, please reach out to us for installment payments.

Space is very limited, with a maximum of 13 participants.


Chair seating is available upon request. Props (bolsters and back jacks) will be available as well. Please bring any props from home that would make you feel the most comfortable.

A 1-hour lunch is built into the workshop. There are many restaurants local to our gathering space, but you are welcome to bring your own food. A refrigerator and microwave are available on site.

This offering is intended for guys, gals, and the whole spectrum of pals.

*If you have arthritis, please know there is a moderate amount of weaving… hand movement with gentle force. Sustained dexterity is ideal. If this is not you, please let us know! We can make sure we have an extra set of hands to support you as you need.

*You will receive an email prior to the event which prepares you further for the day on what to bring with you. An early note: you can bring your own object to build the mallet on. Keep your eyes peeled for good sticks or bones.

*Registration for this retreat closes Friday, May 13. 2022*

***Cancellation Policy***

If you are unable to attend the retreat after signing up:

-prior to May 13th you will be reimbursed for 50% of your admission price

-on/after May 13th we will have used your investment to gather supplies. You may transfer your seat to a loved one, but no refund will be given.

This workshop is not intended to appropriate Native or Indigenous culture. While we honor drum making as an Indigenous art, we are celebrating the drum as a divine tool of alchemy and Goddess celebration throughout all civilizations, from the beginning of time.

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