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The (re)Birth of Your Wild

Wild Woman, How Lovely You Are...

"You beautiful, wild thing. Oh, I have missed you so..."

~Mama Earth (to You)

To sit fully with and embrace our Wild is no simple task. 


To be feral, yes, this is an easy thing to do. To let our bone-blazed savage flames scorch across the earth with no purpose is an effortless thing, indeed.




To become Wild takes intention. Focus. Desire. Hard work. 


A woman, broken-open and raw with the rebirth of whom she longs to be, undone and vulnerable, is a most holy sight to behold.  


To witness, as she shakes her hips alive and uses the primal voice that only her ancestors know; the one that has been screaming through the ages to be heard again is the most lovely, wild, magick there is. 


You have to be willing to show up, true and authentic. You have to dig into the dirt, past the gravel, and through the tears, (for surely there will be some tears,) to the wellspring of glorious freedom that awaits you.  


No short cuts are given. No passes will be handed out. This work is yours, and yours alone, but I will be here to guide you. 


So, tell me...

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