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Red Drum Workshops


What To Expect 

Red Drum Workshops

In our workshop, we will discuss the herstory of women as drummers, show reverence and respect for the sacred elk and glorious cedar that honors us with their gifts to make the drums from their bodies, and color our world red through an intentionally created dye that was blended just for us.


You will receive an email prior to the event which prepares you further for the day on what to bring with you. 

When women come together in a circle, magick happens. I truly believe that.  


“At the end, as at the beginning, stands the archetypal power of the Divine Feminine—the goddess. She is our future as she was our past. With her drum in hand, playing her sacramental rhythms, women can once again take their place in the world as technicians of the sacred. In the pulse of my drum, in the beat of my heart, I erect an altar to her forever.”


~Layne Redmond, "When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm"

*Workshops are a minimum of 6 hours. 

Public Events

Red Drum Local Events

Workshops in and around the Dayton, Ohio area! 

Every workshop will include the supplies for a 13" Frame Drum, guidance in creating it, circle work, and education on the herstory of women drummers. 

Prices may vary.

*This event is open to all Female Identified Persons! 

**Workshops are a minimum of 6 hours. 

Find a Workshop

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Private Event

Group Event: Minimum of 6 Participants 

Book a private event in the comfort of your own space with your circle!

Every workshop will include the supplies for a Frame Drum, guidance in creating it, circle work, and education on the history of women drummers. 

Frame Drum size will be selected upon request. I do, however, always recommend the 13" drum because it is easy to handle and produces a lovely sound!

The price will vary depending on the size of the drum and the number of attendees. 


*All workshops are a minimum of 6 hours.

**This is a lovely event to hold as a potluck!  

Book A Gathering!

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