This divine kit offers you a blend of herbs that will aid in the manifestation of any magick that you ache for. The oil, herbs and candles are bathed under the full moon, robust and bursting for your abundance, while a deep pool of intention is called in as we  prepare your package. You will receive: 


  • Intentionlly Picked & Customized Box

  • Vile of Intention Oil (.05 oz)

  • Vile of Rose Petals (.05 oz)

  • Vile of Lavendar (.05 oz)

  • Vile of Passion Flower (.05 oz)

  • 3 Candles (4")

  • 1 Candle Holder

  • Instructions 


Base oil is fractionated coconut oil and grapeseed oil. The invigorating fragrance includes wild orange, lime, and frankincense. 

Wild Magick Spell Box

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