Inspired by the age-old and long used Florida Water, our Enchanted Sweetwater is just the thing you need to get some shit done.


This wild concoction has oranges, lemons, limes, cranberries, cedar, pine, lavender, rose petals, sweet grass, mint, rosemary, cinnamon, cloves, juniper, a few secret ingredients, and a few drops of essential oils (all items organic) in a base of 100 proof vodka (this item is not consumable.)


Our Enchanted Sweet Water can be used to bless and cleanse totems as well as yourself before a ritual, it can be used in place of smoke for cleansing as not everyone can have or handle smoke in their homes. You can use it in banishing/protection spells as well as wiping down the doors and windows of your home to cleanse, bless, and protect all who dwell there.


Each batch is brewed from New Moon to New Moon and each batch will have a different set of organic herbs/fruits that match the season.





Enchanted Sweetwater

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