Life can be a beautiful ceremony if you allow it. 

Some moments are fast and hard... some are soft and slow. 

At times it can be difficult to allow our mind enough grace to slip into a divine space of tenderness and intimacy. Let us help with that.

Our Sacred Sex Magick: Loose Leaf Incense will help you fall into a wild and lovely meditative state, opening up a bridge of delight so that you may drop into your most sensual self. 

Create a soft base of the herbs in a fire-safe bowl, then place your charcoal disc on top and light. After the disc has ignited, lay more of your herbs on top, allowing the smoke to waft around the room. Setting your bowl aside, sit sweetly with yourself or your partner, and gaze into your own eyes in a mirror if you are alone, or that of your lover’s. Take very deep and very slow belly breaths. If you find your breath inside your chest, allow it to relax down into your low belly. Expand your belly with each inhale, draw your belly button in towards your spine with each exhale. 

Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Exhale. 

Allow your in-breath and your out-breath to become one, so much so that you do not know when your breath begins or ends. Both of you, drawing into your lungs the sensuality of life while in sync. Again and again. 

Continue, Wild Ones, however you see fit. 


Can be used in intimate ceremonies, with or without partner(s.)

Herbs you are experiencing:

Chamomile, ‘cause that shit smells good… and it’s great for de-stressing. 

Cinnamon, ‘cause this shit also smells good and raises spiritual vibrations.

Damiana, the ultimate sex magick herb. 

Hibiscus, to attract love. 

Lavender, what can I say? I like shit that smells good. 

Mugwort, increased lust. 

Myrrh, spiritual opening

Rose, divine love

Each container has 8oz of herbs and 3 charcoal discs. A very little goes a long way. USE IN WELL VENILATED AREA. 

Sacred Sex Magick: Loose Leaf Incense

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