Life is full of delightful joy, yet, sometimes we lose the ability to see it, have it, taste it, or feel it.


Let us find it again. 


The sunshine, so warm upon your skin, and the wind, delightfully tangled in your hair, this shall bring a smile to your face, indeed. At times the deep of the night is too dark to see, but still, we march on. Call back your joy. Call back your delicious wild. With your will, so shall it be. Use on skin, hair, candles, bath waters, or any totems calling to be enchanted. 


Base oil is rose infused apricot oil. Vibrant fragrance includes 

bergamot, wild orange, lime, and lemongrass. Herbs used are rosehip, chamomile, and calendula. 


2 oz.

Joyous Intention Oil

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