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Heart Chakra Healing: An 8-Sided Emerald Drum Mini Retreat
Heart Chakra Healing: An 8-Sided Emerald Drum Mini Retreat

Sat, Oct 23



Heart Chakra Healing: An 8-Sided Emerald Drum Mini Retreat

Join Sarah and Sam of Rebel Goddess Reclamation as they lead you through a day of deep and reverential ceremony in the birth of your own 8-Sided drum.

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Time & Location

Oct 23, 2021, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Chillicothe, 296 Church St, Chillicothe, OH 45601, USA

About the Event

Heart Chakra Healing: An 8-Sided Emerald Drum Birthing Mini Retreat

8 sided- 15” Deer and Maple Drum

Rebel Goddess Reclamation


9am- 6pm

Join Sarah and Sam of Rebel Goddess Reclamation as they lead you through a day of deep and reverential ceremony in the birth of your own 8-Sided drum.

8 sides for the sacred number of the moon and her phases.

8 sides for the 8 sabbats that spiral around the Wheel of the Year.

8 for the milestones of the Goddess’ spiral journey of life, via Carolyn Hillyer’s 8 Beads Chant: Girl Seed, Blood Flower, Fruit Mother, Spin Mother, Mid Woman, Earth Crone, Stone Crone, Bone.

Emerald green, a color connected to the heart space, associated with renewal and healing nourishment, representative of abundance and vibrance in Nature.

In this 10-hour mini retreat, we will make our own 8 sided 15” maple & deer frame drum and mallet. This event will also include circle work, ceremony building, meditation, breathworking, pathworking, drum playing, and more. We will learn, share, and co-create sacred instruments together. We will give thanks to the deer and maple, acknowledging the lives they lived, and for sharing themselves with us.

We will dye the hides with the natural pigment, chlorophyll. This green pigment is involved in photosynthesis, the process in which plants convert light into sustainable energy, an apt metaphor for the potential of what drum medicine can alchemize in you. Together we will punch holes in the hide, decorate the frame, and lace the drum, all while sharing wisdom of the Goddess in community together.

The creation of the drum is a ceremony in itself, an active prayer of the body and mind. As we birth our own drum, may we remember that the heart drum of our ancestors -- of our global ancestors -- is the same one that is beating inside us today.

“Because drumming was recognized as an ancient source and symbol of the power of female technicians of the sacred, drumming was banned. Henceforth divinity was to be exclusively masculine. The suppression of women was directly linked to the suppression of the goddess.” ― Layne Redmond, When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm

In the book referenced above, Layne Redmond talks about how, even before history was recorded with the written word, women celebrated with drums. During labor, the steady beat, like that of the heart, helped birthing women tap into the primal strength that they inherently possessed. At sacred circles that bleeding women would attend, they could be found pounding away at the drums while gifting their blood back to Mama Earth. And, in transition from this life to the next, women would be there, helping our loved ones find their way home with the beat of their drum.


$228 for one participant or $396 for two participants

(Partnered Pricing = bring a friend, save 13%)

*If the financial investment is prohibitive for you to attend, please reach out to Mandy at (740) 701-2947 or to split the payment into two installments.

Space is very limited, maximum 8 participants.


Chair seating is available upon request. Props (bolsters and back jacks) will be available as well. Please bring any props from home that would make you feel the most comfortable.

A 1-hour lunch is built into the workshop. There are many restaurants local to our gathering space, but you are welcome to bring your own food. A refrigerator and microwave are available on site.

There is also an AirBnB on location in case you would like to take a beat and a breath before you travel home the next day.

You do not have to identify as a woman (or Goddess) to attend.

*You will receive an email prior to the event which prepares you further for the day on what to bring with you.


Sarah Monroe is the founder and creatrix of The Art of Wild Pleasure. She is a Wild Woman, Spoken Word Artist, and Sunshine Spreader. She wants to help you become rooted and wild. To love any place your feet are planted, yet be whole-heartedly open to all the pleasures that this cosmic existence has to offer…

Sam Spychalla is the creator of MATMoTIVES, vinyl drishti decals. She drops into flow-state whenever teaching breathwork and expressing herself artistically. She is heart bound to the Goddess, in all her forms but especially the Dark archetypes.

Together these women have founded a movement called Rebel Goddess Reclamation, where they witness and teach the celebration of the Goddess in every person. They do this through gatherings, workshops, and circle leader training. Their website is forthcoming but you can follow all of their delicious adventures on Instagram at


Rawhides and frames are purchased through Centralia Fur and Hide, selling traditional Native American goods. While our supplies are ethically sourced through the Native community, this workshop is not intended to appropriate Native or Indigenous culture. While drum making is an Indigenous art, we are focused on celebrating the drum as a divine tool of the Goddess throughout all civilizations.

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